How to Stop Alexa From Saying Whats Being Delivered? (Step by Step Guide)

Jack, Monday, August 14, 2023

As smart home technology becomes more integrated into our lives, virtual assistants like Alexa have gained popularity for their convenience. One of the features that Alexa offers is announcing what’s being delivered to your doorstep. While this can be helpful for staying informed, it might not always align with your preferences.

Understanding Alexa Delivery Notifications

When Alexa announces what’s being delivered, it’s tapping into the notifications from package tracking services linked to your Amazon account. This feature is designed to keep you updated in real-time about your incoming packages.

Reasons to Disable Delivery Announcements

While some users enjoy the anticipation of knowing what’s arriving, there are valid reasons for wanting to disable this feature. It might spoil surprises for gifts or maintain privacy about your purchases.

Guide to Stop Alexa Delivery Announcements

Disabling Delivery Notifications Temporarily

If you want to stop Alexa from announcing deliveries temporarily, you can enable “Do Not Disturb” mode. This will mute all notifications, including delivery announcements, for a set period.

Turning Off Delivery Notifications Permanently

For a more permanent solution, you can turn off delivery announcements entirely. This can be done through the Alexa app settings. Navigate to the Notifications section and manage your Delivery Announcement preferences.

Alexa’s Future Updates and Features

As technology evolves, so does Alexa’s functionality. Keep an eye out for updates that might introduce even more customizable options for notifications.

Maintaining Privacy Without Disabling All Alexa Notifications

If you value some notifications but not others, you can customize your preferences. Alexa allows you to choose which types of notifications you want to receive audibly.

Customizing Delivery Notifications

While turning off delivery announcements might seem all-encompassing, you can actually customize the way Alexa notifies you about deliveries. This can include changing the language, tone, or even the specific wording of the announcement.

Handling Notifications for Specific Items

Perhaps you’re only concerned about specific types of deliveries, such as surprise gifts. In this case, you can set up notifications to only announce packages from certain senders or containing particular keywords.

Keeping Track of Deliveries Without Announcements

Stopping Alexa from announcing deliveries doesn’t mean you won’t be informed. You can always check the status of your packages through the Alexa app or other tracking services.


Absolutely! You can customize your settings to only announce deliveries from specific senders or containing certain keywords.

Yes, even if you disable announcements, you’ll still receive notifications within the Alexa app, keeping you updated about your incoming packages.

If you change your mind, you can revisit the Alexa app’s Notification settings and turn delivery announcements back on.

While the process might vary slightly, the general steps to manage delivery announcements apply to all Alexa-enabled devices.

As of now, Alexa doesn’t offer the feature to schedule specific times for delivery announcements. However, this might be a feature introduced in future updates.


In a world where technology bridges convenience and privacy, managing Alexa’s delivery announcements is about finding the balance that suits your lifestyle. Whether you want to keep the suspense alive or simply maintain confidentiality, Alexa’s notification settings have got you covered.